AlyceParis,      Apr 5 2018 10:44AM

You Too Can Get The Look

So, you’re searching for “the look?” Aren’t we all. The biggest roadblock when it comes to finding “the look” is our own perception of it. “Will I look good?” “Can I pull it off?” “Can I afford to create that outfit?” We tend to develop this mental image of the perfect outfit in our heads. Thanks to the Pinterest pages of the world, we find 10+ pieces that equate to the ONE single outfit we want, but can often never find. “The look” should be much more than one multi-pieced, expensive outfit and it doesn’t have to be a “one and done” situation. Instead, the look you are trying to achieve should stem from staple pieces that can be worn in multiple ways with accessories and add-ons that you already have. More bang for your buck, right? Contrary to popular belief “the look” should not have to cost you your entire rainy day fund.

Most of what we believe is “the look” is rooted deeper than what we see, clothing wise. A lot of what we perceive as “the look” comes from the individual herself. It begins with confidence and ends with added accessories:

What did they pair their staple pieces with, where are they going, what kind of jewelry do they have on, etc….

Let’s just say, we have a few attainable recommendations for all of the empowered girls who already have a “look” and simply want to add to it.

A great starting staple piece for our upcoming fashionista friends would be a classic long sleeve crop top. Great for dressing up with a skirt or high-waisted pants, while also being great for dressing down with some low rise jeans or high-waisted shorts. Those are just some examples of main pieces you could pair your crop top with. Who knows the amount of shoe/ accessory/ hair combinations you can come up with on your own to finally achieve “the look!”

Alyce Paris’s collaboration with Kalani Hilliker is a utopia of staple pieces such as the classic crop top mentioned above. Kalani also has a signature tulle skirt and pair of jet black leggings that can be repurposed in so many creative and stylish ways. These are the kinds of staple pieces that instagram models would thrive in and make you think they were born with “the look.” It’s okay to search for your own personal look and to spend time detailing your style. Just remember, the idea that finding “the look” is out of reach is unrealistic, especially with clothing lines like this one.

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