Harshi,      May 16 2018 1:45PM

10 Effective Ways for Choosing the Right Staffing Agency

Selecting the appropriate staffing agency for new recruitments can be quite tricky. But as every problem has a solution, this can be dealt well by following some basic principles in the selection process.

1.    Focus or Specialisation
As there are various agencies specialized in different fields, you need to find the one having experience and understanding in your specific industry. Then you don’t waste time on educating the recruiter itself.

2.    Business records and experience
It is essential to check the knowledge and experience of the company you are outsourcing for enlisting employees. Their business records should be checked before selection.

3.    Wide pool of candidates
A good temp agency is the one supplying skilled and professional candidates. You need to examine their advertising sources whether they can usher in best candidates from everywhere.

4.    Categories of staffing services
Different agencies provide different categories of candidates. It is important to verify whether your chosen agency is capable of fetching you the required candidates pertaining to your industry. Some offer agreement or term workers and some make available permanent employee toes only. Proper choice at present can profit you in future.

5.    Candidate selection
The screening of contenders is the most important function of a temp agency as the companies approach the temp agencies mainly for superior evaluation. Their selection methods should be precise for the position necessary to be filled, so that the hiring managers feel sure of the finalized applicants to be deserving of the job.

6.    Management of poor placements
A Staffing agency, giving guaranteed replacement of unmatched candidates should be chosen as it would help the company to appoint deserving applicants.

7.    Fee structure
It is always better to choose a temp agency that are transparent about their pay scale and fee structure from the very beginning. This helps in avoiding any arguments regarding payments afterwards.

8.    Meeting with the recruiters
A face to face meet should be arranged with the recruiters and hence analyze their body language and listen to the promises given by them. This helps in realizing the firm’s capability. Also this, will enable the hiring manager to know whom to contact in case of any query.

9.    Matching standard and values
Before selecting the staffing agency it is better to know about their guidelines and values. Establishment of a mutual model of values or principles is important as it makes the recruitment process much more effective and apt.

10.    ROI for your business requirements
Since your requirements are directly related to the excellence of your recruited workers, the question arises of how the staffing agency will work towards the best returns for the firm’s employment investment. This should be clarified with them in the beginning.

You may ask them if they have any reporting system that would help you in maximizing your recruitment ROI in black and white.

The above-mentioned points are really important for the selection of the recruitment agency. But along with these, you should also be very clear about what is it that you want in your employee.

Picture Source: www.pexels.com