Harshi,      May 16 2018 4:19PM

Which is the best Temp Agency for you

In the fast-paced 21st century, people opt for temp jobs instead of traditional permanent ones. If you fall into this category, you will first have to make sure that you are well aware of how a Temp/Staffing Agency works. However, there are hundreds of such agencies present in the market, and selecting the most suitable one might be puzzling. Below are listed a few crucial steps which will assist you to choose the best Temp Agency, tailor-made for your needs.

  • Understand how a Staffing Agency Works
Before you start creating a list of all the Temp Agencies near your location, make sure you have a holistic understanding of how these agencies run their business.● Temp agencies act as a middle-man between client companies (that require staff to fill short-term positions) and candidates who are eligible and willing to work in said positions.● On successfully providing the candidates with a project, the agency will pay him/her from the salary paid by the company, after deducting its own fees.
  • Clarity of Objective
It is important to have a clear vision of the specific kind of temp job you are looking for; this will not only save you a great deal of time but also act as a “filter” for your search.For example, “I need to work for a Temp Agency that will provide me with an immediate job opening in an Information Technology industry in Atlanta with 70K salary. Though the exact salary might not be transparent in every agency, other categories like location and time will invariably narrow down the list.
  • Specialization of the Agency    
While there are several agencies that are generalized, some agencies cater to only specific industrial fields.● Specialized: If you are a fresh college graduate or someone who wants to change their career path, this type of agency will be more suitable for you. It will also meet your requirements if you are looking to acquire and develop specific skill sets for a particular industry to later apply for a permanent job.● Generalized: A generalized Staffing Agency will always have more probability to offer jobs within a shorter period of time due to the lack of confinement to a certain type of industry. Hence, if you require an immediate job opening, irrespective of the type of industry, these agencies will serve you better.

  • Research and Enquiry
It is mandatory to inquire about the following three questions about every Temp Agency.● What is the placement rate of the agency? The higher the placement rate, the better!
● Do this agency offer training and other non-monetary benefits? This will prove to be value-added incentives.
● Is there a separate fee for placement? If yes, strike this one off your list as most agencies charge the placement fee from the employer and not the employee.

  • Interviews
By now, you have a short list of countable agencies that you think are suitable for you. How do you make the final call? Go to as many interviews as you can! You will get a first-hand, practical experience of the work culture and people you will be working for. This will help you form a comprehensive idea about each of the jobs that you have narrowed down, and you can finally select the Temp Agency that will suit you the best.

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