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Federal Government Comm Specialist Staffing

​Communication Specialists:

  • Plan, organize, develop, manage, and administer communication projects and their components which may include task lists, calendar appointments, project plans etc.
  • Assist in designing a variety of materials for public awareness campaigns (draft and final versions), for specific audiences who have the need for targeted information about injury prevention topics including motor vehicle, prescription drug overdose, older adult falls, and traumatic brain injury.
  • Assist in researching, writing, and editing documents which may include blogs, social media, press releases, digital press kits and other print materials (drafts and final content)
  • Assisting in designing/developing communication and promotional materials for distribution via PDF, PPT, or other electronic media format.
  • Assisting in designing/developing promotional materials for display at conferences, trainings, etc.
  • Ability to utilize Microsoft office and CDC desktop publishing software (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat)
  • Develop realistic production timelines to meet established deadlines based on project assignments.
  • Ensure all finished materials comply with HHS and CDC guidance.
  • Disseminate products to a wide variety of constituencies via GovDelivery and email to further the goal of preventing injuries
  • Build and maintain effective working relationships with constituent organizations such as federal, state and local health agencies; private organizations; professional and volunteer agencies; and injury prevention professionals/partners to foster collaboration in efforts to inform the public.
  • Assist in creating and executing communication strategies, programs, and activities; developing communications and dissemination plans for each project assigned.
  • Assist in developing information and education strategies, programs and methods of communications with specific target audiences based on assessment of needs of the audience and appropriate channels and strategies with which to reach them.
  • Support the health communication staff, subject matter experts and leaders in developing clear content documents, coordinating edits and document reviews, and disseminating communications products to target audiences.
  • Regularly report status to the Health Communications Lead (or their designee); providing status updates as needed during team meetings (occurs biweekly).