Federal Government Staffing

Federal Government Executive Admin Staffing

Executive/Administrative Support

  • Will maintain calendars for the Division staff.
  • Will schedule appointments, meetings, and conferences.
  • Will use established procedure and CDC’s automated travel system, complete all travel arrangements for CDC staff members and process travel vouchers.
  • Will oversee logistics for conferences and meetings, including reserving space and arranging for audiovisual equipment.
  • Will notify attendees, prepares and distributes meeting handouts, and arranges for the availability of other meeting support personnel or materials (if required).
  • Will receive and screen telephone calls and visitors; take messages.
  • This includes arranging conference calls, set up bridge-lines, coordinate with staff and send reminders.
  • Will prepare final form documents such as memoranda, letters, reports, articles, manuscripts, tabular and statistical material, using a variety of software
  • Will review and edit written material for approval, ensuring accuracy of grammatical content and proper formatting.
  • This includes proofing, formatting and distribute correspondence of both incoming and outgoing material.
  • Will establish and maintain information systems needed to track activities; develop and maintains systems to provide documentation on special projects and studies.
  • Will provide the Division staff with materials and data which will facilitate accurate and precise decision-making for which they are responsible including meetings and conferences.
  • Will assist with specialized program activities as needed.
  • This includes conference support and workshops requiring interaction and coordination with CDC internal scientists, other governmental agencies, and academic and other institutions.
  • Will maintain files for Division staff.
  • Will process purchase requests in CDC’s systems.
  • Will perform other duties as assigned.