Our Employees Say

“Working with Synergy America has been great! They turned a standard job posting into an ideal situation. Their knowledge and experience helped to put money in my pocket that I didn’t realize was available to me as a traveling consultant. Everyone at Synergy America was very approachable and went out of their way to be available when I had a question or needed assistance. Their dedication to providing a successful experience for the individual contractor is top-notch. When comparing them with other staffing/consulting firms, it is easy to identify what helps them to succeed: they care about the well-being of their clients!”

“Synergy offers a friendly working environment. It’s like working for a family and they are focused on the needs of their employees.”

“Synergy is focused on the needs of its clients and offers projects that are professionally challenging.”

“Although, we work in a challenging environment, Synergy was able to provide me with an exciting opportunity in a relatively short period of time. This made me feel like a valuable employee.”

“My experience at Synergy America has been excellent and I hope to remain an employee for a long time. They care about their employees, which is unusual in the technology profession these days.”