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​Job description

We are searching for a Packaging Engineer for our Supply Chain group that has exceptional leadership and critical thinking qualities. This position reports to the Director of Supply Chain. This Manager is responsible for developing, and driving Clients overall packaging strategy. More specifically, this role requires both a strategic and tactical view of these responsibilities, thinking on a broad level about the best way to provide packaging solutions for existing products and new product launches and then on a more narrow and ongoing level, how to optimize consumer experience and customer supply chains through revised and or new packaging. In many cases creating new cross functional processes will be required. Packaging plays a critical and significant role in not only the growth strategies of Clients but also our leadership in creating, developing and growing the Clients foods category. Therefore it is essential to lead these functions with a high level of capabilities and sophistication working very closely with cross functional counterparts in Sourcing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales and Marketing as well as with our external packaging supply base, contract manufacturers and 3PL’s. It is also incumbent on this role to be ahead of trends in market and economic drivers for all packaging categories in order to maximize the growth potential for the company.

Job Responsibilities for Packaging Engineer

  • Responsible for developing and executing product packaging strategies, working closely with internal stakeholders within the operations, sales, marketing and project management groups
  • Responsible for working with Sourcing to engage with packaging supply partners in order to optimize Client end to end supply chain.
  • Responsible for providing technical input to Sourcing group in determining long-term packaging Supplier-partner potential, including how each party will benefit from such an arrangement.
  • Responsible for activities concerned with design and development of packaging: Analyzes engineering drawings and specifications of product to determine physical characteristics of item, special-handling and safety requirements, and type of materials required for packaging item.
  • Responsible for determining costs and feasibility of concept, new and revised packaging, consulting with sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing groups ensuring holistic view is taken into account.
  • Responsible for gathering and maintaining packaging specifications and graphics ensuring accessibility and control of packaging assets. Manage supplier maintenance of print plates and dies pertaining to Client’s packaging.
  • Responsible for development of sketches, specifications, samples, and written analyses of proposed packaging in order to present design for approval.
  • Responsible for periodically providing technical input in assessing critical supplier performance and risks.
  • Responsible for providing technical input in developing aggregate packaging cost improvement strategies and targets.
  • Responsible for interfacing with Engineering group in providing guidance regarding packaging equipment, collaborating with equipment and packaging supply base as required.
  • Develop various packaging concepts in coordination with finished products and materials used and ensure compatibility of packaging with manufacturing capability.
  • Assist all internal teams and perform research on all products and evaluate packing requirements in development phase of all products in conjunction with external packaging consultant.
  • Develop all components and packaging labels and monitor all engineering activities and provide support to all products, documents all activities and perform tests on product designs.
  • Design all release of packaging component and assemblies and coordinate with product designers and ensure compliance to all internal and external requirements.
  • Provide technical support to all engineering and provide support to manufacturing and implementation processes of product packaging.
  • Documents all engineering protocols and develop all engineering and manufacturing specification and ensure compliance to all FDA and ISO regulations.
  • Prepare and documents all test designs for packages and prepare new packaging and ensure maintenance of all bill of materials according to required specification.
  • Analyze and provide support to all activities to achieve all marketing objectives and assist to launch new products and reduce cost of production.
  • Review all new technology and prepare design to increase efficiency and ensure effective transition of all designs into design process.
  • Develop and maintain activity schedule for all packaging supply chain projects

Skills/Work Experience for Packaging Engineer:

  • Must have an undergraduate packaging engineering degree or related engineering degree
  • 3-5 years experience in food packaging engineering, structured problem solving, use of statistical tools, knowledge of corrugated boxes, displays, trays shippers and plastic bags
  • Training and experience in Lean and Six Sigma, or equivalent
  • Advanced knowledge of food product/package development flow from ideation to product launch in a consumer goods environment.
  • Highly creative individual with proven ability to create new-to-the-world packages and packaging concepts.
  • Ability to bring together diverse technologies and concepts to create new to the world package innovation.
  • Ability to work with Marketing and Consumer Research to understand unmet consumer needs and translate those into successful packaging innovations.
  • Strong working knowledge of ASTM and ISTA package test methods as well as Box Compression Test (BCT) vs Edge Crush Test (ECT).
  • Strong knowledge of food processing and flow operations as well as strong working knowledge of product/package needs and interactions.
  • Good knowledge of government agencies pertaining to the food industry.
  • Strong working knowledge of a wide variety of packaging materials, automated packaging equipment, and processing equipment.
  • Strong technical problem solving skills using statistics and modeling techniques. Good computer skills including Microsoft Office suite (Project, Powerpoint, Excel, Word) and CAD software.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to present to and interact with all levels of the company.