Healthcare Staffing Agency Atlanta

Public Health Analyst Staffing

​​​Public Health Analyst

  • Will provide analysis of public health programs and program plans
  • Will develop and provide policy for priority implementation strategies
  • Will write reports regarding public health programs in response to requests from a variety of offices
  • Will develop and maintain partnerships with technical assistance providers and programmatic national partners
  • Will respond to requests for information regarding public health programs, such as briefing documents, budget planning documents, and other associated documents
  • Will provide analysis on national legislation and public health policy issues affecting programs
  • Will utilize grantee funding formulas to determine immunization grantee funding levels.
  • Will produce funding formulae scenarios for comparison and analyzing results for recommendations.
  • Will analytically review sources of data for inclusion into immunization grantee funding and population estimate formulae.
  • Will assist with grants management; this includes conducting trend analysis of immunization grantee operation spending over time versus awards and identify problem areas.
  • Will work with appropriate staff to update funding formulae as needed.
  • Will perform other duties as assigned.