Federal Government Staffing

Federal Government Public Health Analyst Staffing

​Health Policy Analysts:

  • Develop guidance and policy on health information privacy, including the privacy issues associated with the development of the Nationwide Health Information Network.
  • Organize and oversee CDC's privacy Rule workgroup.
  • Liaison with the HHS Office for Civil Rights, the US Department of Education and the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCHS).
  • Develop a privacy agenda for innovative research and literary contributions on HIPPA, FERPA and other legislation impacting privacy.
  • Participate and conduct forums, training sessions and conferences on HIPPA, FERPA and other legislation impacting privacy and collaborates with privacy officials, scholars and policy makers.
  • Use expert technical ability in drafting, revising, organizing and reviewing varied documents and official federal notices, grant guidance documents, contractual arrangements, program manuals, policy issuances and proposed amendments to legislation requiring expertise and familiarity with HIPPA, FERPA and other federal and state legislation governing privacy and data exchange with public health.
  • Analyze and interpret statues, case law, rules and regulations and opinions of the Comptroller General and State Attorneys General.
  • Manage the policy and procedures associated with the application, issuance, maintenance and training related to 306(d) Assurance of Confidentiality and 301(d) Certificates of Confidentiality authorized by the Public Health Service Act (PHSA).